10 reasons to work in IT

  • Interesting work
    At your current job, do you already know everything? Nothing new happens? Several years ago you memorized the employee manuals, which have not been updated since that feat? Do you remember how you used to enjoy reading interesting books as a child? Well, in IT you can always learn something new. Technologies evolve at a frantic pace, and every IT professional must constantly stay up to date. You may even receive special work assignments to study something. And you get paid to do this!
  • High salary
    Yes, IT engineers enjoy higher salaries (sometimes much higher) than most other professionals. We have never heard of a case where someone in IT lived paycheck to paycheck or couldn't afford to go on vacation with his or her family (unless, of course, the person had previously taken on two mortgages and gotten a loan for an expensive car and a yacht). And by the way, IT professionals get bank loans with no questions asked. But they can get by just fine without loans.
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  • Ability to work remotely
    While your former colleagues shiver in the subway in the morning, trying to get to work, you can calmly wakes up, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and make yourself comfortable in the courtyard of your seaside home. Remote work in IT was previously possible, but with COVID's appearance, nearly every IT company has switched to remote work. Really, any issue can be resolved over Zoom. All you need is a fast internet connection and a computer.
  • Good coworkers and management
    Yes, there are exceptions. But experience shows that the IT field has far more calm, decent and interesting people than other fields. You no longer have to kowtow to your superiors or listen to them shout at you because of overdue work. In IT, this is categorically unacceptable, especially in Western companies (where managers could be fired for this). And it's customary to speak informally with your boss on a first name basis, even if you get hired right after finishing QA courses.
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  • Opportunity to choose
    IT professionals are in high demand on the market, and you can always change jobs if you suddenly decide you don't like your work, computer speed, or work schedule. There's even a joke that conveys the absolute truth:

    — How long does it take an IT specialist to find a job?
    — Three days.
    — Why three?
    — Well, the first day she drinks beer. The second day, she sleeps. And on the third day, she wakes up and finds a job.
  • Opportunity to play sports at your employer's expense
    Do your coworkers chide you for hitting the gym while they're at the bar? The IT industry welcomes sports and exercise, and nearly every company pays for employees to enjoy a gym membership. And of course, your coworkers' rebukes will end when you tell them how much you can bench press or how many miles of the backstroke you swam today.
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  • Ability to receive stock options
    Some IT companies include stock options in employee compensation. Imagine telling your friends that you are now a shareholder in a large corporation!
  • And finally, the opportunity to do something truly needed
    You can see your work in action in real life. Can you imagine watching your friends install a mobile app that you helped develop? Or perhaps your friends will play a game you wrote yourself? Or will your parents buy something from an online store that your team built? Or maybe your program will be installed on driverless cars? Why not?
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