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You deserve the best education

Mentorpiece - is professional
(not commercial) software testing education from top mentors
A fee-based QA school with a competitive admissions process
The $ is not taken from everyone who is willing to pay, but only from those who have undergone vocational guidance with an experienced QA mentor, testing and who actually have prospects in QA. Out of 35 applicants, an average of 10 get the green light to study.
QA school with mentors with IT experience 10+ years only
It is the mentors, not yesterday's graduates of the same course, who give feedback on each of the 50+ homework assignments.
QA school where the internship lasts a full 1000+ man hours
A two-month internship by a full-fledged QA on a real business project in a US company is the first QA experience on a graduate's resume and a faster job placement.

What is a professional approach to education and how does it differ from a commercial one?

Professional QA education has emerged as a response to the significant shortcomings of the commercial approach to education:

  • Fact #1
    7 out of 10 students in courses do NOT become software testers
  • Fact #2
    Bootcamps don't provide enough depth of knowledge
  • Fact #3
    Resumes without IT experience are the last to be considered

Professional training is a close to individualized learning in groups of 10-15 rigorously screened students and QA mentors with a minimum of 10 years of IT experience.

The professional approach utilizes an uncompromising quality three-tiered training model. Theory in an interactive textbook, practical workshops in a group of 15 students, and a two-month internship on a real business project. This gives a completely different level of knowledge and skills compared to commercial training and completely different employment outcomes.

The 4 main differences

in professional education:

✓ mentors motivation: self-actualization and $
✓ the commercial interests of the school take precedence over the interests of the student
✓ enrollment after successful payment
✓ school KPIs: number of students, ROI
mentors motivation: improving the quality of IT professionals in the market
the interests of the student take precedence over the commercial interests of the school
enrollment after a successful entrance exam
school KPI: number of successful careers of graduates
In what exactly is it expressed that the interests of the student are above the commercial interests of the school?

Why do teachers in a professional QA school have no monetary motivation?

Why in the professional approach the success of the school is not measured by the number of students?

Learn more in a short video:

What exactly will it do for me as a QA student?

No novice mentors "with 4-5 years of IT experience"
No pre-recorded lectures.
No "platform teaching in a Matrix for 100 people, where one person gives a lecture and the other checks the homework"
No "a little theory, a little practice, and a thesis for a tick"
No "If you find some work after the course, that's great".

All 10 qualities of your studies
- in a short 56-second video:

We produce about 100 graduates a year. Why so few? Because we try to be the Harvard of QA courses and focus on quality, not quantity.

Mentorpiece in numbers

2004 year
the school's founder gave first QA lecture
2016 year
first course at Mentorpiece
135 years
total IT experience of the QA school’s lecturers (22+13+18+17+28+14+11+12)
History of Mentorpiece
2004 - first lecture by the founder
the school's founder gave first QA lecture
2012 - QA expert trainer
the founder of the school began teaching as a guest QA mentor
2013 - organizing a QA school at Grid Dynamics
founder organizes an internal AQA school at a large IT company
2016 - Mentorpiece is founded
offline lectures on QA begin
2019 - first online course
courses have been made available to everyone
2020 - first B2B course
training of employees of large IT companies begins to take place
2021 - Manual Testing + Internship is expanded with a unique module Troubleshooting
which together raise graduates to the QA Pre-Middle level of proficiency
2022 - first internship with a U.S. company
after each course, a two-month internship by a full-fledged QA on a real business project begins for graduates
2022 - professional training concept
all the basic principles of professional training and its differences from commercial training are fully articulated
2023 - free «100-Year QA-Textbook»
published an interactive 700-page QA textbook written by mentors with over 100 years of combined IT experience.
2023 - entrance tests and vocational guidance
the school no longer takes money from those with no prospects in QA - this has dramatically increased the number of students who successfully reach graduation and find employment
2023 - first course in a three-tiered learning model
a three-tiered training model has been formed, giving uncompromising quality and depth of knowledge and skills

Mentor + Masterpiece = Mentorpiece

Founder of Mentorpiece,
Chief QA Expert Mentor
QA Mentors
  • Lilia Urmazova
    School Founder, Chief QA Expert (AM)

    In QA since 2001.

    Has worked at Star Software, Exigen Services, Grid Dynamics, Rostelecom. Taught at Luxoft Training, Grid Dynamics.

    I like QA because it lets me participate in the entire software development process from A to Z and also interact with a lot of people all at once.

    I'm a good mentor because I can explain complex things well using simple examples, pictures, diagrams and tables.

  • Fedor Kulishov
    Linux and Security Expert / Lead Security Expert at Acronis (CH)

    In IT since 2005.

    Has worked at several startups, Scientific Research Institute Voskhod and Positive Technologies.

    I like IT, and especially security, because you always have to stay in shape. There is often something interesting to investigate. And you're surrounded by excellent specialists and enthusiasts.

    I'm a good mentor because I like to see excitement in my students' eyes, to notice their progress, and to receive their goodwill in return.

  • Evgeny Lozovan
    Java Automation Expert / Lead Test Automation Engineer at Grid Dynamics (US)

    In QA since 2006.

    Has worked at MuranoSoft and Global Logic.

    I like QA because it lets me satisfy my craving for research and science.

    I'm a good mentor because my laziness causes me to teach others in a way that requires as little work as possible for myself. 🙂

  • Sandi Smith
    Expert mentor, Databases, Agile, Test documentation (US)

    In QA since 1998.

    Has worked at BMC Software, Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp, General Motors.

    I like being a QA because there is always something new to learn. And, you get to interact with many different teams. I also like knowing that the product will be more functional and reliable because I did my job well.

    I am a good mentor because I have a passion for passing on my decades of knowledge and experience to the next generation. I want to help others be successful.

  • Sergei Ivin
    Expert mentor in API, Web UI, Git / Senior BE developer at AddIntel (UK)

    In IT since 2012.

    Has worked at ADCI, Burning Buttons and Alyce.

    I like IT because a small group of people can create something that will benefit millions.

    I am a good mentor because I try to make every student want to ask the right questions.

  • Maxim Usmanov
    AT Expert Mentor / Lead QA Automation engineer at Semrush (US)

    In IT since 2012.

    Has worked at Deutsche Bank, Motorola Solutions, Digital Design.

    I like IT as an opportunity to please my inner perfectionist and help something become better, because we are talking about QA.

    I am a good mentor because I like to explain complex things in simple language. And I don't know how to do it any other way.

  • Andrey Roslyakov
    Expert mentor at Linux, Networks and Infrastructure / Senior DevOps at Postgres Professional (GI)

    In IT since 2009.

    Has worked at Yandex, Ivi.

    I like IT because every day I see how it makes the world better and I like to be a part of this process. And maybe a little more because I grew up sitting at a computer. 🙂

    I'm a good instructor because I have relevant experience that I can share and I know how to do it in a simple form.

Is there an objective indication of the quality of the Mentorpiece course?
Good question.
Students who are just entering the IT field are not always in a position to objectively assess the quality of the course. Even after graduation. It may take a year after they start employment before they can tell whether it was really the best and high-quality.
But it's a good sign that well-known IT companies with their own experienced in-house QA experts take advantage of the course.
Up-to-date courses
The best entry into IT
4 months theory and practice + 2 months internship
Test design and requirements
The course program is being updated and tested
Load testing
The course program is being updated and tested
REST API automation
The course program is being updated and tested
Vocational guidance
and screening QA abilities
May 15
May 15
Individual Vocational Guidance for QA
Who have completed the preliminary assignment (stage 1).

Guidance is conducted by a QA specialist with over 20 years of software testing experience.
Pre-Middle QA: Manual Testing + Internship software tester course for beginners
May 29
May 29
Individual Vocational Guidance for QA
Who have completed the preliminary assignment (stage 1).

Guidance is conducted by a QA specialist with over 20 years of software testing experience.
Pre-Middle QA: Manual Testing + Internship software tester course for beginners
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