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3 differences of quality QA internships

QC (Quality Control) - detection of emerging defects
QA (Quality Assurance) - organizing such processes so that defects do not occur
Internship in QC mode
✓ Interns work as external performers, the main task is to "find all the bugs"
✓ Mostly only the user interface is tested, no serious and deep defects are found
✓ A couple of weeks
Internship in QA mode
Interns work inside the project as full-fledged QA, communicating with developers, actualizing requirements, setting up processes under the guidance of a lead mentor
The entire stack is tested from the inside: API, DB, Integrations
Two months (minimum time needed to improve processes)
Results for a customer
✓ Closed current holes with no guarantee that they will be closed in a couple of months
Results for a customer

Reduced development costs: developers are focused on creating new features (rather than endlessly fixing sudden defects), defects are identified early in the development process, rework reduced

Product quality is improved: high-quality software delivered

Reduced the workload of the product owner: requirements are created/refined

Results for interns
✓ Basic practical skills are practiced
✓ Understanding of what a tester does, but not how the whole team works.
Results for interns
Gained business experience as a full-fledged QA specialist on a real project
Experience is put on the resume as a short-term project.
The best-performing interns received an offer from the host company (rule rather than exception)


Video feedbacks from CEOs

of Mentorpiece QA-internship

host companies

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the best-performing interns!

QA Internship #2023.7/1
Project: «Sanplex»‎
Duration: 2 months
Status: in progress
Scope: 1080 person-hours
Team: 1 lead mentor, 1 lead intern, 1 tech lead intern, 7 interns
During our internship, we worked with the Agile software development methodology from the very beginning. We immediately applied various test design methods, including equivalence classes, boundary value analysis, state transition diagrams, pairwise testing, and use-case scenarios.
In practice, we implemented exploratory testing, smoke testing, and black box testing. Additionally, we trained in writing test cases, preparing test data, and filling out bug reports.
QA Internship #2023.4/2
Project: «SellMeThisPen»‎
Duration: 2 months
Status: finished
Scope: 1120 person-hours
Team: 1 lead mentor, 7 interns
My internship in QA at a startup was an interesting experience that allowed me to develop and apply the testing process from the very beginning on a business project. We have successfully tested almost all the functions of the application, and I have a unique opportunity to apply various test design techniques on a real project. This experience has taught me how to adapt to change and find creative solutions even in conditions of limited resources.
Michael Ocean, CEO of SellMeThisPen.AI decided to hire one of the interns for the company. Michael recorded a video testimonial about working with Mentorpiece:
QA Internship #2023.2/2
Project: «Curbee Inc»‎
Duration: 2 months
Status: finished
Scope: 480 person-hours
Team: 1 lead mentor, 3 interns
This internship was both challenging and useful. It trained us to quickly solve problems in a dynamic environment. The lack of structured processes not only created challenges, but also provided opportunities to build and improve our skills. This internship was a milestone in our testing career.
QA Internship #2023.2
Project: «MedTech»‎
Duration: 2 months
Status: finished
Scope: 720 person-hours
Team: 1 lead mentor, 1 lead intern, 5 interns
As the QA lead intern of this group, I am immensely proud of our team for the outstanding job they have done. Regarding the internship, I would like to express my gratitude to our customer for providing us with the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in real QA processes, troubleshooting defects, and working within a fully-fledged Scrum team.
I am confident that this experience will significantly enhance our value in the market.
Edward Isarevich, CEO of Base86 (CA) was so pleased with the work of the Mentorpiece interns that he hired one of them and recorded a video testimonial:
QA Internship #2022.6
Project: «MedTech»‎
Duration: 2 months
Status: in progress
Scope: 720 person-hours
Team: 1 lead mentor, 1 lead intern, 5 interns
Guys from the customer's side team were very helpful in completing the tasks, tried to explain the task, quickly answered our questions.
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